Bottle Necker’s: Best promotion for your product

We have always talked about the importance of using effective display space to distinguish your brand from your competition. Depending upon your budget, you can achieve giant results at the point of sale without offering a coupon or emphasizing your product area within store marketing material. Bottle Necker’s or Bottle Tags hung on the neck of your product’s packaging is a great way to impress your customers. Everybody is in a rush for endorsing their products, and if you want to catch the eye of click on to

Bottle Necker’s build a brand identity and allows extra room to further promote why the consumer should choose you over other company on the shelf. Bottle Necker’s attract customers with their bright colors and add copy. In this article I have included two excellent examples that how Bottle Necker’s can be effective in different ways, one promotional and one informative.

Pompeian Olive Oil chose for their promotion an informative Bottle Necker that educates the consumer about the health benefits of olive oil. The bright red Bottle Necker pops on the shelf and creates a subtle call to action through brand education. Every olive oil on the shelf is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acid, but in the consumers mind, its just Pompeian Olive Oil. The Bottle Necker helps build brand trust as consumers are invited to learn more about the benefits of olive oil at Pompeian’s website, building their credibility and also directing consumers to their website. By this you can build a positive connection with your customer and win over their trust.

Sunlight Detergent on the other hand, uses their Bottle Necker as a promotional tool. As you can see on the Bottle Necker, Sunlight offers an instant redeemable coupon through their Bottle Necker. As we have discussed before, IRC’s are an excellent call to action because the consumer does not have to take any effort towards receiving their discount as it is gifted to them directly on the products. Sunlight cleverly displays the rest of their detergents on the Bottle Necker to reinforce their product family in the minds of the consumer.

So how about getting the best Bottle Necker’s that will suit your style make your product looms large. Hurry up many offers upcoming only on

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