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Envelopes aremade of thin paper which is used for the arrival of a notable person or an event. They are mostly used for presenting memos, invitations, letters, and documents in a sophisticated way. Now, in the day of e-mails and messages, hand written letters and invitation envelopes have their importance. There are various types and sizes of envelopes available in the market. Nowadays, specially designed envelopes are used for sending invitations for every different event or purpose. Companies use custom made envelopes for their official documents. Other organizations or educational institutes use envelopes for advertising their summons, seminars in their own custom printed envelope.

Custom made envelopes are used by leading companies and organizations have lead to the envelopes printing business.

MERAPRINT Company is an online printing Indian company. We provide the online services of top-quality printing envelopes. We print all sizes of envelopes from standard (4″ x 6″ and 4″ X 8″) to custom envelopes (customer defined). We have a special team of envelope designers who do the designing of envelopes and it is free of cost. On a standard white stock we do full color envelope printing. We offer free delivery service in India.

Types of envelopes: Small envelopes, big envelopes, colorful or custom made envelopes. Small envelopes are used for letters or a small document or invitation. For A4 or bigger size of documents bigger size envelopes are used. Custom made or colorful envelopes are used for invitations like birthday, wedding, congratulations and business advertising envelopes etc.

Our service is available 24/7 and we offer the best. We have special designers for custom made envelopes and we make all kinds of envelopes at very economical rates and we also do free delivery. We also offer discounts and schemes with free services.

Branding with envelope printing: Companies have their logo printed on envelopes is one of the branding techniques of leading companies. Many companies put their contact info like address and phone numbers and fax numbers, e-mail on the envelope which makes it convenient for any person to contact the company. And a nice envelope makes a good impression.

Custom printed envelopes: A custom printed envelope will leave a good impression on the recipient and will make him/her want to open the envelope. A good looking envelope will stand out and will be noticed.

MeraPrint will give your company the attention it wants with the best custom made envelopes. We work fast with good quality of work at a very economical rate. So visit our site and order the best envelopes for your company or for yourself. We have a whole catalog of different kind and sizes of envelopes.

For any other query visit our site and e-mail us or give us a call on our toll free number.